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Elevating Strategy, Skills, and Product Culture in Organizations and it's Leaders.

Hi, I am Sundeep Singh Pardal

As a seasoned Visual Design and Human Experiences Strategist, I've led in building and scaling design capabilities, nurturing strategic thinking, and cultivating a culture of product excellence for organizations and visionary leaders.

With a track record of driving change for Fortune 100 companies, my leadership on the ValueLed Design platform is dedicated to empowering designers through innovative learning solutions.

I craft educational cultures that foster connection and humanize the learning experience. Renowned for my expertise in leading design initiatives, I specialize in building top-tier learning organizations that seamlessly integrate human-centered design, propelling innovation in educational products and services.

At the heart of my mission is a dedicated effort to address the prevalent challenge in the Learning and Development industry – the scarcity of resources for professionals to thrive in their careers. As a Design Leader in Learning and Development, I am committed to providing purposeful training and mentorship, filling the void of accessible resources. My goal is to guide designers to not only excel in their skills but also to uncover their true purpose in the dynamic L&D landscape.


Join me on this transformative journey, where we bridge the resource gap and empower L&D professionals to unleash their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the field.

Sundeep Singh Pardal - L&D Designer
 Sundeep Singh Pardal - Design Leader
Sundeep Singh Pardal - eLearning Design Leader

Disruptive Learning Experiences

eLearning Design Projects, ValueLed Design

What Designers are Saying

Design Transformation Stories

Two Decades of Learn Share

Two Decades of Learn Share

What Designers are Saying

Two Decades of Learn Share



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